Eustis Yoga Wellness Center

Located next door to Eustis Yoga, the Eustis Yoga Wellness Center is available for rental by the hour. We provide a charming and affordable location for self-employed persons and small business owners to see clients in a spa atmosphere. For those who don't have enough appointments to justify the time and expense of operating their own locaton, we provide a very convenient alternative. Appointments can be booked and online at any time via a mobile-friendly app, so no matter where you are, you can easily see what time slots are open and reserve one. Amounts due are tracked, and can be paid online by credit card, or mailed by check.

We want to see all of our tenants book as many appointments as possible, so we will be advertising their services via print media, email, and web. Occasionally we will issue coupons for discounts off of any service available at the center. This will help you find new clients, and we will cover the cost of the coupon, so you still get your normal rate. If you have other marketing needs, we can help, but there may be an additional charge.



  • Sink and bathroom
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Storage space (for small items and linens)
  • Toiletries and cleaning supplies



Scheduling is done only in 45 minute increments. The first 45 minutes is $15. Additional 45 minute increments that are part of the same appointment are $5.

Other tenants may have time slots right next to yours, so we ask that you book the space for at least 15 minutes before your client's scheduled time. This makes sure you have time to set up and the other tenant will have time to clean up. We made extra time blocks only $5, so you can get more than you think you need, and not feel rushed.

Monthly Bonuses


At the end of the month, we will give you a bonus based on the number of appointments you booked:

  • 20 - $50
  • 30 - $100
  • 40 - $200


You will not be charged for cancellations made prior to the day of the appointment (up to 4 times per month). You will be charged the full amount for cancellations made on or after the day of the appointment, so we recommend you have a policy with your clients that they are responsible for at least the rental cost in the event of a late cancellation.


While the space is fully decorated, if you wish to bring additional equipment or decorations, it may be allowed. All items stored at the center at left at owners risk. You may be required to maintain liability insurance.


For more information, or to see the space, contact Karl at:
(352) 223-4443.