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Private Lessons


60 Minutes


90 Minutes

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Flow Yoga

This flow class will challenge you and leave you feeling fit, energized, and empowered. Some yoga experience is best, but you will work at the level that best suits you.

Gentle Yoga

The Gentle Yoga class is particularly well suited to beginning students, seniors, and those with various physical limitations, but any student desiring a restorative practice is welcome! This class is less physically demanding and focuses on breath awareness, breath/movement synchronization, and restoration of health to the circulatory, nervous, and glandular systems.

Yoga For All

This popular class is perfect for most students. Beginning to advanced students work to their own abilities. Detailed instructions and optional modifications are given in order to make the class level just right for you! In class, you will practice asanas (yogic postures) and breathing exercises. A deep, guided relaxation will complete your experience, leaving you feeling healthy, relaxed, and renewed!

Sivananda Yoga

Experience the pranayama (breath work), sun salutations, and twelve core asanas that embody the classic Sivananda approach to yoga. This class ends with a period of deep relaxation followed by a concluding Sanskrit chant. This is truly a mind/body/spirit experience.


Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga class is an invigorating balance between energizing movement and harmonizing yogic techniques to create an all around sense of ease and contentment. Students will be guided through breathwork (pranayama) and a mix of flow and postures with strength and flexibility drills, culminating in a challenge peak pose, and then contrasted with gentle stretching and guided relaxation. Traditional yogic philosophy and teachings, mindfulness and meditative techniques are introduced and connected to the practice experience.