Instructions for New Students

Everyone can practice yoga regardless of current fitness level, flexibility, or limitations due to medical conditions or injuries. Beginners need not worry about being lost in our classes: detailed instructions are given, and the small class sizes allow the instructors to watch their students carefully and monitor their progress, making suggestions for modifications of the exercises as needed. We have men and women of all different ages, shapes, sizes, and strengths working side by side and yet individually meeting their own body's needs.

You should wear comfortable and simple clothing. We don’t dress up! Please don’t feel you need to buy special yoga wear, and in keeping with the spirit of yoga stay modest in dress. We practice in bare feet. No shoes, no socks. It's best to wear sandals to class which you can easily slip on and off upon entering and exiting. Pants, shorts or leggings with an elastic waist are best. Belts, zippers, and buttons will restrict movement and be uncomfortable. Tops can be T-shirts, tank tops, camisoles, etc. Loose fitting tops can fall open in many of the yoga postures, so they aren't advised unless layered over another garment or tucked in securely. Jewelry, watches, etc. are best left at home. At this time mask wearing is optional.

If you have a yoga sticky mat, bring that. We are temporarily stopping our practice of loaning yoga mats to prevent the transmission of germs, so please bring a mat or plan to purchase one at Eustis Yoga. We don't recommend drinking water during class. The internal heating that occurs during asana class is cleansing for the body and is a beneficial part of the entire process. If you bring water for drinking after class, it is best to not use ice, as cold water can be shocking to the system.

Plan to arrive about five minutes before the class's starting time. Our parking is located off of Diedrich street. Once you have parked, follow the brick lined walkway through our garden to our door. Please enter quietly practicing physical distancing: students may already be relaxing and quieting the mind in preparation for class. Let the teacher know that you are new to the studio or to yoga. Please tell the teacher if you are pregnant or have any health problems, such as high blood pressure, that may affect your practice.